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Let's talk about the sound of the phone outside of Texaco

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  2014.01.21  13.14

I used to eat fast food close to every day. Now I make soup with squash and ginger. Can't wait to start mini-farming in the spring! I might not make it to the Farmer's Market this year, but I'll be there the next.


  2013.08.03  22.24

Hookah in Chicago, PRs off the balcony. Killing this weekend off. Much needed break from the 80 hours a week trying to get this project done for the city of EastLansing.

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  2012.09.11  07.43

Some people never learn. Some people can't stop learning.


  2012.08.08  19.32

I mash so hard on these bitches they can barely walk.
Got their mouths numbed up they can barely talk.
Sing me a Donna's song baby I'm a take it off.
Quick to bust some ass if you scrap or scoff.


  2012.07.03  11.11
Mama said they'll be days like this

I need to hurry up and see the new Spider-Man movie it's been out for like 12 hours.

It's been nice not having to work on houses and having extra time for Parios and Pac. Though it would nice to have extra money for the wedding. A 1920's gangster themed wedding doesn't seem like it would be cheap. Although if we went real authentic and served bath tub gin it'd be better, but I'm unsure of the legality of such matters.

I require blueberry crepes!


  2012.06.17  07.13

The passage of time is so overlooked (in my world). People tell you things change, but damn things really do change. I think that's why it's hard for me to ever stay to upset about anything and why I have a hard time accepting the finallity of certain decisions. With no real certainty why be concerned in the first place? The whole grant me the serenty to accept the things I can't change, I take it to a whole new level.


  2012.05.27  01.42

I'm saying you mother fuckers don't get it!

I am everything no one thought I would be in the most predictable fashion. Like a time line and some magic dice. It makes me disapointed as fuck in people I don't know and I'm throwing out tarot card predictions.

You've created a nest of delusions, and those baby birds won't let me sleep in.

Religion is a bullshit to anyone that understands how people think. I can see why you think you're special.

I keep growing and I'm getting real tired of being the only tree amoung all this shrubbery.


  2012.05.27  01.29

It really is the same old soup, just warmed up.

Things feel so different here. Imagine if you were in a subway at street level, completely invisible to those at street level. But so glaringly obvious to everyone on the subway. So you're underground, while at the same time being above ground surrrounded by those who know you're underground. And also surrounded by all these other people that have no idea there's a fucking subway above ground! It's not even a subway at that point, just another fucking train! Life is like that. And it's one lonely subway I'll tell you what.


  2012.05.24  08.37

Suck my dick world!


  2012.05.10  13.36

My world is about to start getting bigger, progress!

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  2012.05.08  08.24

There is no such thing as Kobe beef in America. Ever. Even at resturants, even if they say it is. It's not.


  2012.05.05  09.25

I've got a lot of sexual energy this morning.


  2012.04.28  01.52

The world is my oyster, but these pearls are forbidden.


  2012.04.22  02.06
Because everything happens in the passing of time

I've been sparking pretty hard lately, I'm pretty confident that I'm functioning at a higher level. Although the thought crosses my mind that I may just be stumbling onto the fact that true honesty only exists in the most awful of people. And also that most of us are awful people. I mean that in the most optimistic way possible. We might be slaves to our chemical process, but are we just creating justification for ourselves? This is getting esoteric. At any rate, bitches out here be buggin. Keep your mind on your riches.


  2012.04.09  20.13

So glad someone took the time to school me to the game. Life has been infinitely easier ever since.


  2012.04.09  09.41

Can u get away?


  2012.04.07  09.27

I wanted to be serious about updating livejournal, but I got stoned and now I just want to rant about evolution but it's really all a big metaphor for talking about myself and I don't entirely see the point. Life is good. My bullshit cutting skills are at such an all time high that I'm actually getting paid for it. Unfortunately, now I know that everyone is terrible, and you can't fix broken people.

Elusive conversations were probably the worst thing I ever participated in. Nothing held me back more. This is all commentary for the Mtv show Awkward.

I've lost interest in my meandering.


  2012.04.07  09.07

I had an epiphany but I'm also pooping, so...you know.

The things we do with our smart phones is disgusting and will lead to a new form of cholera.



  2012.01.23  09.18
Run up in cribs lik Chris Kringle.

I want it to be springtime already so I can start my grown up job and never have to work in a resturant again. I will miss bartending a little, only a little though.

I really need to tell this dude he has a drinking problem but I don't think any of the company he keeps give a shit that he is trying to kill himself or they're too busy being man-children to notice. Also I will be instantly shut out/he might try to fight me? Depends on the mood. Part of me wonders why it's my problem to point out someone else's problem that they don't think is a problem, especially when all of they're friends have the same problem to a less self-destructive extent. The other part of me wants to say something even if I get punched in the nose for it.

I understand too much.


  2011.12.30  00.21

Florida has been so great for helping me feel recharged and putting my head back together. I can't wait to get home and get back to beat making and writing. I've really got a whole new energy. I haven't felt this ready to cream through tracks since I was seventeen. I 'm done feeling sorry for and trying to be understanding with Lansing. I'm about to come after these motherfuckers like 2pac with a handful of viagra.


  2011.12.20  22.45
fuck all yall

Leaving for Orlando in less than four hours. Bankruptcy shit will be all filed and done by the time I get back so all bitches and financial institutions can swallow so many inches of my dick. Yeah I just took a shit on my debt and am about to go on vacation for two weeks. This time I win.

My level of "geeked"ness for the Spider-Man ride is off the charts.


  2011.12.15  20.40

She wasn't that good at sticking around, but that girl could sing.


  2011.11.24  22.17

When I was growing up my Dad used to talk scripture with me, and teach different lessons from the bible. And even more importantly, the lessons we can learn from how people interpret the bible (These are the lessons that made me atheist). There were a lot of good lessons in those talks. There is a lot of awful bullshit in bible.

This is the perfect representation of life and interactions with others.


  2011.10.15  08.16

Second dream I've had where I'm driving in the car with my dad and halfway through realize that obviously this is a dream. Last time we talked about it. This time I just enjoyed it.


  2011.08.27  01.22

My shit will fuck your mouth.


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